Monday, 27 July 2009

Mr Harry Patch.

For those of you who don't know this is the wonderful Harry Patch.
He was the last survivor of World War 1 and died at the grand old age of 111 years and 38 days.
I never met Harry Patch, but I would have loved to, as he was a very interesting man, with a generous heart full of compassion.

He once said;

Any one of them could have been me. Millions of men came to fight in this war and I find it incredible that I am the only one left.

—Commenting on graves at a Flanders war cemetery, July 2007

Mr Patch died on 25th July 2009. May he rests in peace.

To find out more go here


  1. He has a wonderful face.

    I'm doing all my commenting here as your blog still hates me!

    Great baby-protector!

    I apologise on behalf of Wales. Husband is from Derby and he always said that Wales was wetter but I pooh-poohed the notion. Then we lived in Southampton for four years and I had to admit: it does rain more in Wales!

  2. Oh Lia, I'm so sorry... I have neglected's because you're not in my sidebar... I will rectify that in a minute....Lovely old Harry...what a hero...also , the other man, I forget his name but he was the oldest man in the world and died this month aged 113 and was an old war veteran and British.
    I have to agree with Liz...I have terrible trouble, getting into your blog...I wonder why ? Sorry Wales was a wash-out...Have been there lots and have had every sort of weather you could mention !!!. XXXX


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