Sunday, 26 July 2009

It's A Fake

Being the nosey type, I became intrigued with this building and decided to look a bit deeper into it.

If you saw my post on "Strange Houses Around The World" you would have seen this restaurant in Japan.
It is called The Naha Diner in Okinawa and although it looks amazingly life like and is the size of a real life Banyan tree, it is in fact made of concrete and yet it is meant to have a green message, mind you when you consider the hurricanes that hit the Japanese Islands, I would want substantial concrete around me as well.

But while I think it is one of the craziest buildings I have ever seen, I did think it worthy of it's own post. The Naha Harbor Diner is a life sized concrete Banyan tree also known as gajumaru, these tree actually make very good bonsai trees, which I have to say surprised me when you consider the size they can grow to.

The diner is a 20 foot tall with a Pan-Asian restaurant sitting proudly amongst it's branches, there is a spiral staircase on the outside leading up to the restaurant and a lift running up through the trunk. It has an ocean view and offers farm fresh vegetables, chicken and pork, local herbs and "native salts" (what ever they are), but at lest it is local foods, so I guess that cuts down on the amount of travelling and air miles, that our food does these days, maybe it's a little bit green, at lest they are trying to cut down on their carbon and plastic foot print.

Here's their menu for you to take a look at.

Talking of carbon footprints here's a little joke from my Callum.
He came hoping into the kitchen the other day and said to me.
"Mum, I've just stood in a plate of pasta sauce and I'm worried"
"What!"says I
"Well I'm wondering if it will effect my carbonara foot print"

Also if you image google Banyan or Gajumaru trees, you get the most amazing photo's to look at.

Also just out of interest here's a question for my American blog buddies
Q- What is the difference between a diner and a resuarant?

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  1. Hmmmmm....well, mostly it's the cuisine and the seating. Diners tend to have a counter with stools to sit on--booths and tables...and the menue tends to be simpler. Restraunts, however--skip the counter serving area and serve a diverse menue.....if that makes sense. LOL Probably not!

    But I won't be going in the tree for dinner--diner or resturant!


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